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Sens is a city in the department of Yonne and region of Burgundy in north-central France, 120 km from Paris.

Tchaikovsky in Sens

Tchaikovsky travelled to Sens from Paris on 4/16 May 1883 in order to see his grand-nephew Georges-Léon, who shortly after his birth eight days earlier had been handed over to the care of a wet nurse in the nearby village of Villeneuve. He was accompanied on this journey by Yelizaveta Molas, who was looking after the composer's niece, Tatyana Davydova, in Paris.

On 5/17 May 1883, Tchaikovsky visited the city's Gothic cathedral and was greatly impressed [1].

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Notes and References

  1. Letter 2286 to Modest Tchaikovsky, 5/17 May 1883.