Tchaikovsky Research
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Lists of Works by Genre
Additional Listings

This section contains information on all of Tchaikovsky's works, both musical and literary.

  • Title. Titles of works are usually given in English (with Russian versions given in brackets). Exceptions are made where Tchaikovsky gave the work a French title which is much better known than the English version (e.g. Souvenir d'un lieu cher).
  • Instrumentation. Description of instrumentation/forces required to perform the pieces.
  • Movements / Duration. Subtitles, main tempo markings, keys and numbers of bars for individual numbers or movements are given, with an average total length for the work in performance (based on available recordings).
  • Text / Libretto / Subject. The literary sources used in musical works.
  • Composition. The chronology of composition, if known, citing references from Tchaikovsky's archive.
  • Arrangements. Details of any arrangements made by the composer himself, or made with his collaboration.
  • Performances. The place, date, and names of the conductor and soloist at the first public performance of the work are given. Other notable performances, including all those involving the composer himself, may also be given.
  • Publication. The place, publisher and date that the work (and any arrangements) were first published.
  • Autographs. The whereabouts of Tchaikovsky's autograph manuscript(s) of the work, if known.
  • Dedication. The person or persons to whom the work was dedicated.
  • Related Works. Earlier compositions (including folk songs) that are used in the work, or subsequent derived works.

Critical Editions

There have been three projects to publish critical editions of Tchaikovsky's complete works: