Incidental Music

Tchaikovsky wrote nine scores to accompany theatrical productions (both amateur and professional).

TH ČW Opus Title Description Year
15 423 Boris Godunov Music for the Fountain Scene in Pushkin's tragedy 1863–65 (?)
16 17 Dmitry the Pretender and Vasily Shuysky Music for Aleksandr Ostrovsky's dramatic chronicle 1867
17 424 The Tangle Recitatives and music to a couplet for Pavel Fyodorov's vaudeville 1867
18 19 The Barber of Seville Music for Count Almaviva's couplets in Pierre Beaumarchais' comedy 1872
19 15 12 The Snow Maiden Music for Aleksandr Ostrovsky's spring legend 1873
20 425 La Fée Cradle song and Waltz for Octave Feuillet's comedy 1879 (?)
21 426 Montenegro Music for a tableau vivant 1880
22 20 The Voyevoda Melodrama for the Domovoy's monologue in Aleksandr Ostrovsky's play 1886
23 16 67b Hamlet Music for Shakespeare's tragedy 1891

In 1868 he also provided additional recitatives and an introductory chorus to Auber's opera Le Domino noir.