A Greeting to Anton Rubinstein

A Greeting to Anton Rubinstein (Привет Антону Григорьевичу Рубинштейну) (TH 86 ; ČW 72) [1] is a short choral work written by Tchaikovsky in late September/early October 1889 as part of the celebrations for the fiftieth anniversary Anton Rubinstein's musical activities.


Scored for mixed voices (SATB), without accompaniment.

Movements and Duration

There is one movement: Allegro moderato (C major, 92 bars), lasting around 3 minutes in performance.


The words were specially written for the occasion by Yakov Polonsky (1819–1898), from his verses 'Greetings to You, Our Brother' (Привет тебе, наш брат) (1889).


The chorus, together with the Impromptu in A-flat major, was commissioned by the jubilee committee for Anton Rubinstein's fiftieth anniversary as an artist, and composed in Saint Petersburg between 20 September/2 October and 30 September/12 October 1889 [2].


The first performance took place at the gala jubilee celebrations in the Hall of Nobles' Club on 18/30 November 1889 in Saint Petersburg.


On 4/16 October 1889, Avgust Gerke wrote to Tchaikovsky: "Could P. I. Jurgenson be entrusted with the printing of the full score and parts of your salutation chorus?" [3], and on 1/13 November he reported: "Jurgenson is printing your chorus" [4]. The choral score and parts of the chorus were published by Pyotr Jurgenson in November 1889 [5].

The chorus was included in volume 43 of Tchaikovsky's Complete Collected Works (1941), edited by Ivan Shishov and Nikolay Shemanin.


The whereabouts of Tchaikovsky's manuscript score are unknown.


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To Anton Rubinstein (1829-1894), composer, pianist, conductor and founder of the Saint Petersburg Conservatory, where Tchaikovsky studied in his instrumentation class.


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