Bibliography (1942)

The following is a list of 20 notable books, articles and academic papers about Tchaikovsky which were published in the year 1942. Click on a title to display more information.

Contributor Title Format Language
Anthony, Gordon, 1902-1989 (photographer) The Sleeping Princess Book English
Bonavia, Ferruccio, 1877-1950 (author) Dancing Hamlet to Tchaikovsky Article English
Churchill, Douglas W. (author) Le Lac des cygnes. The ballet, the music and the records Article English
Halliday, John (author) Tchaikovsky on records Book English
Haskell, Arnold Lionel, 1903-1980 (author) Aurora truly wedded Article English
Kholodkovsky, Vladimir Venyaminovich, 1894-1961 (author) Дом Чайковского в Клину Book Russian
Kholodkovsky, Vladimir Venyaminovich, 1894-1961 (author) П. И. Чайковский Book Russian
Khubov, Georgy Nikitich, 1902-1981 (author) Москва. Кантата Чайковского Article Russian
Lambert, Constant, 1905-1951 (author) Tchaikovsky and the ballet Article English
Leslie, George Clark, 1905-2000 (editor) Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky (1840-1893) Article English
Lvov, M. (author) Пётр Ильич Чайковский Book Russian
Pavlov, K. (author) П. И. Чайковский Article Russian
Petipa, Marius, 1818-1910 (author)
Lawson, Joan, 1907-2002 (translator)
Petipa's programme for The Sleeping Beauty Article English
Purdy, Claire Lee, 1906-2004 (author)
Bock, Vera, 1905-1973 (illustrator)
Kohl, Rudolf W. (illustrator)
Stormy victory. The story of Tchaikovsky Book English
Scholes, Percy Alfred, 1877-1958 (compiler) Tchaikovsky, Peter Article English
Spaeth, Sigmund Gottfried, 1885-1965 (author) Classical czar of Tin Pan Alley Article English
Ustinov, Nadia Benois, 1896-1975 (author) Décor and costumes Article English
Zaslavsky, David Iosifovich, 1880-1965 (author) Дом Чайковского в Клину Article Russian
How the Germans despoiled the Tchaikovsky museum in Klin Article English
Shotgun symphony. 1812 overture Article English