Bibliography (2006/19)

Tchaikovsky Research
ContributorsKohlhase, Thomas, 1941- (editor)
TitleVier bisher nicht bekannte Čajkovskij-Dokumente von 1888-1891
InTschaikowsky-Gesellschaft Mitteilungen [Tübingen]
PartHeft 13
Extentp. 9-16 ; illus.
Notes"Four previously unknown Tchaikovsky documents from 1888-1891". Concerning Letter 3535a to Pauline Viardot-Garcia, 28 March/9 April 1888 [later established to have been written to Adèle Bohomoletz]; an album leaf from the opera The Oprichnik, dated 5/17 November 1889; an inscribed photograph of the composer, dated 29 November/10 December 1890; and the original autograph of Letter 4570 to Eduard Nápravník, 9/21 December 1891
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