Fyodor Komissarzhevsky

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Fyodor Komissarzhevsky (c. 1832-1905)

Russian operatic tenor and singing teacher (b. 1832 [1] in Kiev province; d. 14 March 1905 [N.S.] in San Remo), born Fyodor Petrovich Komissarzhevsky (Фёдор Петрович Комиссаржевский).

Komissarzhevsky was an operatic artist with the Saint Petersburg theatres from 1863 to 1878, and from 1883 to 1888 was a professor of singing and acting at the Moscow Conservatory.

He premiered the title role in Tchaikovsky's opera Vakula the Smith at the Mariinsky Theatre on 24 November/6 December 1876 at the Mariinsky Theatre in Saint Petersburg.


Tchaikovsky's song Tell Me, What in the Shade of the Branches? — No. 1 of the Six Romances, Op. 57 (1884) — is dedicated to Fyodor Komissarzhevsky.

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  1. His birth is given variously as 1830, 1834, and 1838 in other sources, but the 1832 date is taken from one of Komissarzhevsky's own letters.