Henri Delaborde

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French count, art critic and historical painter (b. 2 May 1811 in Rennes; d. 24 May 1899 in Paris).

The son of General Henri François Delaborde (1764–1833), from the age of 18 Henri studied art in Paris with Hippolyte (Paul) Delaroche (1797–1856). He produced historical pictures and frescos, but is remembered principally as an art critic. He served as conservator of the Cabinet des Estampes (department of prints) of the Bibliothèque nationale de France from 1855 to 1885, and was elected to the Académie des Beauxs-Arts in 1868 (becoming its permanent secretary in 1874).

Correspondence with Henri Delaborde

One letter from Tchaikovsky to Henri Delaborde has survived, dating from 1892, which has been translated into English on this website:


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