Letter 3140

Date 1/13 January 1887
Addressed to Eduard Nápravník
Where written Maydanovo
Language Russian
Autograph Location unknown [1]
Publication Чайковский. Воспоминания и письма (1924), p. 175
Переписка Е. Ф. Направника с П. И. Чайковским (1959), p. 144
П. И. Чайковский. Полное собрание сочинений, том XIV (1974), p. 13
Notes Typed copy in Klin (Russia): Tchaikovsky State Memorial Musical Museum-Reserve

Text and Trabslation

Based on a typed copy in the Klin House-Museum Archive, which may contain differences in formatting and content from Tchaikovsky's original letter.

Russian text
English translation
By Brett Langston
1 января

Эрдмансдёрфер пишет мне сегодня, что «Манфреда» снять с программы не может, ибо уж начал его репетировать. По поводу «Востока» отвечает, что у него нет ни партитуры, ни голосов (???). Затем пишет, что в одном из следующих концертов сыграет Ваши танцы, а в квартетном собрании пойдёт Ваш квартет. Вот, милый друг, вкратце содержание письма Эрдмансдёрфера.

Я работаю с усиленным старанием над клавираусцугом «Чародейки».

Обнимаю Вас

П. Чайковский

1 January

Erdmannsdörfer wrote to me today that "Manfred" cannot be withdrawn from the programme, because rehearsals for it have already begun [2]. Regarding "Vostok" [3] he replied that he has neither the score nor the parts (???). He went on to write that your dances will be played in one of the subsequent concerts, and your quartet will be put on at one of the quartet concerts [4]. This, dear friend, was the essence of Erdmannsdörfer's letter.

I'm working ever more assiduously on the piano reduction of "The Enchantress" [5].

I hug you

P. Tchaikovsky

Notes and References

  1. The autograph was sold on 27 June 2015 by Ira & Larry Goldberg Coins & Collectibles, Los Angeles [1].
  2. Letter from Max Erdmannsdörfer to Tchaikovsky, 30 December 1886/11 January 1887 (published in Чайковский и зарубежные музыканты (1970), p. 73-74. Erdmannsdörfer conducted Tchaikovsky's Manfred at the 6th concert of the Russian Musical Society in Moscow on 3/15 January 1887.
  3. Eduard Nápravník's symphonic poem "Vostok" (Восток), Op. 40 (1881) was performed at the 8th concert of the Russian Musical Society in Moscow on 31 January/12 February 1887, under Erdmannsdörfer's direction.
  4. In fact neither Nápravník's Folk Dances (Народные танцы) for orchestra, Op. 20 (1875) and Op. 23 (1876(, nor his Piano Quartet in A minor, Op. 42 (1882), were actually performed in Moscow that season.
  5. Tchaikovsky was occupied with arranging the third and fourth acts of the opera during January and most of February 1887.