Mariya Loginova

Tchaikovsky Research

Tchaikovsky's first piano teacher (b. 1823 in Votskoye, Urzhum province; d. 1888 in Urzhum), born Mariya Markovna Palchikova (Мария Марковна Пальчикова), known after her marriage as Mariya Markovna Loginova (Мария Марковна Логинова).

Although Modest Tchaikovsky claimed in his biography of the composer that Mariya was a former serf before she was was engaged as a piano teacher for young Pyotr in Votkinsk by his parents in 1845 [1], recent research has discovered that she was the daughter of a minor composer, Mark Palchikov [2]. By the time that Mariya and her family moved to Slobodskoy in Vyatka province, in 1848, Modest informs us in his biography of the composer, the eight-year-old Pyotr could already play the piano as well as she could.

In 1884, Tchaikovsky unexpectedly received a letter from her asking for financial assistance. He granted her a pension and also corresponded regularly with her during the last three years of her life (none of these letters, however, has come to light).


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