Mariya Logovina

Tchaikovsky's first piano teacher (d. 1888), born Mariya Markovna Palchikova (Мария Марковна Пальчикова), known after her marriage as Mariya Markovna Logovina (Мария Марковна Логовина).

Mariya was a former serf who was engaged as a piano teacher for young Pyotr in Votkinsk by his parents around 1845. By 1848, as Modest informs us in his biography of the composer, the eight-year-old Pyotr could already play the piano as well as she could.

In 1884, Tchaikovsky unexpectedly received a letter from her asking for financial assistance. He granted her a pension and also corresponded regularly with her during the last three years of her life (none of these letters, however, has come to light) [1].


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