Verbivka (Вербівка) is a small village in the Kamianka district (Кам'янський район) of Cherkasy oblast (Черкаська область) in Ukraine.

During Tchaikovsky's lifetime it was known as Verbovka (Вербовка) , and was part of the Chigirin district (Чигиринский уезд) in the Kiev province (Киевская губерния) of the Russian Empire.

Tchaikovsky in Verbovka

Tchaikovsky's sister Aleksandra and her husband Lev Davydov lived at nearby Kamenka, and the Davydov family also owned a small estate at Verbovka, where the composer sometimes liked to work.

From Until Notes
18/30 July 1876 mid/late September 1876 Completing the Symphony No. 3 (1/13 August), and writing two acts of the ballet Swan Lake.
12/24 August 1876 late August/early September 1876 Writing the last two parts of his article on The Bayreuth Music Festival.
4/16 July 1878 5/17 August 1878 Completing the Grand Sonata, Twelve Pieces, Op. 40, Children's Album, Six Romances, Op. 38, and the Liturgy of Saint John Chrysostom.
19/31 August 1878 28 August/9 September 1878 Composing the Introduzione e Fuga and Andante to go with the Scherzo he had previously written for the Suite No. 1.
7/19 September 1883 5/17 October 1883 Working on the orchestration of the Suite No. 2, completing all but the finale by the time of his departure.


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