Yevdokiya Rostopchina

Yevdokiya Rostopchina (1811/2-1858)

Russian poet (b. 23 December 1811/4 January 1812 in Moscow; d. 3/15 December 1858 in Moscow), born Yevdokiya Petrovna Sushkova (Евдокия Петровна Сушкова), known after her marriage in 1833 as Yevdokiya Petrovna Rostopchina (Евдокия Петровна Ростопчина).

Tchaikovsky's Settings of Works by Rostopchina

Rostopchina's 1854 poem Words for Music (Слова для музыка) was set to music by Tchaikovsky in 1869 as Bitterly and Sweetly (И больно, и сладко), No. 3 of the Six Romances, Op. 6.

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