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Tchaikovsky Research
ContributorsKohlhase, Thomas, 1941- (author)
TitleČajkovskijs Briefwechsel mit Dr. Friedrich Sieger (Direktor der Frankfurter Museumsgesellschaft) und ein bisher unbekannter Brief vom 6./18. January 1891
InTschaikowsky-Gesellschaft Mitteilungen [Tübingen]
PartHeft 5
Extentp. 4-16
Notes"Tchaikovsky's exchange of letters with Dr Friedrich Sieger (director of the Frankfurt Museum Society) and a previously unknown letter of 6/18 January 1891". Includes facsimile and first publication of Letter 4293b, and publication of Letter 4943a from Tchaikovsky to Frits Hartvigson (1893) and part of Letter 4136a to Ambroise Thomas (1890)
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