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Milan (Milano) is a city and provincial capital in the Lombardy (Lombardia) region of Italy.

During Tchaikovsky's lifetime it formed part of the Kingdom of Lombardy-Venetia (until 1859), the Kingdom of Sardinia (1859–61), and the Kingdom of Italy (from 1861).

Tchaikovsky in Milan

Tchaikovsky visited Milan on three occasions:

From Until Notes
18/30 July 1873 18/30 July 1873 Paying a brief visit to the city's art gallery, before travelling to Como.
16/28 December 1877 17/29 December 1877 He attended a performance of Filippo Marchetti's opera Ruy Blas, and visited Milan Cathedral, describing the latter "one of the most beautiful things I have seen" [1].
27 December 1877/8 January 1878 29 December 1877/9 January 1878 Visiting his brother Modest, he attended the premiere of Gounod's opera Cinq-Mars at La Scala. He also put the "finishing touches" to the full score of his Symphony No. 4, before sending it to his publisher in Moscow [2].

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