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The Nathalie-Valse, in G major (TH 142 ; ČW 174), is a short piano piece written by Tchaikovsky at Verbovka in August 1878.

Movements and Duration

There is one movement: Tempo di valse (G major, 58 bars), lasting 2 to 3 minutes in performance.


The autograph score is dated 5/17 August 1878, but nothing more is known about the composition of the waltz.


The Nathalie-Valse was published for the first time by Muzgiz (Moscow and Leningrad) in 1949, in a version edited by Konstantin Sorokin. Later the same year it appeared in an appendix to volume 53 of Tchaikovsky's Complete Collected Works, edited by Anatoly Drozdov (1949).


Tchaikovsky's manuscript score is now preserved in the Klin House-Museum Archive (a1, No. 80).


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The work is dedicated to Natalya Plesskaya, a close friend of the composer's sister Aleksandra, and a cousin to his brother-in-law Lev Davydov.

Related Works

In 1882, Tchaikovsky revised and extended the piece as the Natha-Valse, No. 4 of the Six Pieces, Op. 51.