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Zvenigorod (Звенигород) is a town and municipal district in the Moscow oblast (Московская область) of the Russian Federation.

During the composer's lifetime it formed part of the Zvenigorod district (Звенигородский уезд) in the Moscow province (Московская губерния) of the Russian Empire.

Tchaikovsky in Zvenigorod

Tchaikovsky visited Zvenigorod on 29 January/10 February 1885, looking for a suitable permanent residence within easy travelling distance of Moscow.

"I imagined everything that I could possibly want, but suffered a bitter disappointment...", he reported to his brother Modest. "I have decided for the moment not to worry about the fulfillment of this desire, but just to go abroad, as I need to work on Vakula" [1]. However, just a few weeks later he began renting a house at Maydanovo, near Klin.

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Notes and References

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