Berlin is the capital city and one of sixteen states of Germany.

In Tchaikovsky's lifetime it was the capital of the Kingdom of Prussia and (from 1871), of the newly-founded German Empire, where it formed part of the province of Brandenburg, until it was constituted a separate city district in 1881.

Tchaikovsky in Berlin

Tchaikovsky visited Berlin on many occasions:

From Until Notes
6/18 July 1861 9/21 July 1861 As part of his first journey outside Russia.
June 1868 June 1868 During a summer holiday Tchaikovsky visited the Tiergarten zoo, and reportedly burst into tears when he saw a boa constrictor devouring a live rabbit that had been placed in its cage [1].
mid/late December 1871 early/mid January 1872 During his Christmas break.
late December 1875 early January 1876 When he attended a performance of Jules Verne's Around the World in Eighty Days at the Berlin Theatre, with Modest Tchaikovsky and Nikolay Konradi.
11/23 January 1876 15/27 January 1876 On his return home from Paris.
4/16 October 1877 7/19 October 1877 Staying at the Hôtel Saint Petersburg, with his brother Anatoly.
2/14 March 1879 7/19 March 1879 Where he heard a string orchestra play the Andante cantabile from his String Quartet No. 1 at the Bilse concert Hall
11/23 November 1879 13/25 November 1879 For a performance of Ambroise Thomas's opera Hamlet.
3/15 March 1880 7/19 March 1880 Stopping on his return to Saint Petersburg.
29 December 1882/10 January 1883 2/14 January 1883 Where he attended a performance of his own Suite No. 1, and Richard Wagner's opera Tristran und Isolde.
11/23 May 1883 13/25 May 1883 Attending a performance of Lohengrin, which he considered to be "one of Wagner's best compositions" [2].
7/19 February 1884 8/20 February 1884 En route to Paris, avoiding the premiere of Mazepa in Saint Petersburg.
26 February/9 March 1884 28 February/11 March 1884 Returning from Paris to Kamenka.
3/15 November 1884 7/19 November 1884 During which time he wrote the Elegy for string orchestra, and the first two of the Nine Church Pieces.
17/29 December 1887 19/31 December 1887 Where he met Désirée Artôt-Padilla at a concert on 18/30 December, and called on Karl Davydov the next day.
26 December 1887/7 January 1888 28 December 1887/9 January 1888 Between concert engagements in Leipzig and Hamburg.
11/23 January 1888 11/23 January 1888 Attending a rehearsal for his concert on 27 January/8 February; here he met the composer Richard Strauss.
22 January/3 February 1888 29 January/10 February 1888 To conduct the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra in a concert of his own works (see below). During his visit he stayed once again at the Hôtel Saint Petersburg, and met again with Désirée Artôt-Padilla, and dined with fellow composers Hugo Wolf, Emile Sauret and Edvard Grieg.
26 January/7 February 1889 29 January/10 February 1889 Stopping en route from Saint Petersburg to a conducting engagement in Cologne. On the second day of this stay he attended a Bach concert at the Sing-Academie.
9/21 February 1889 16/28 February 1889 To conduct another concert of his own works (see below). He had daily meetings with Désirée Artôt-Padilla, and attended a musical evening in his honour (15/27 February) arranged by Karl Klindworth.
16/28 January 1890 17/29 January 1890 Stopping overnight at a guest-house en route from Saint Petersburg to Florence.
8/20 March 1891 9/21 March 1891 Attending (incognito) a concert of his own works, including The Year 1812 and the Andante cantabile from String Quartet No. 1.
4/16 January 1892 5/17 January 1892 Stopping overnight between conducting engagements in Warsaw and Hamburg.
14/26 December 1892 17/29 December 1892 En route from Saint Petersburg to visit Fanny Dürbach in Montbéliard.
15/27 May 1893 16/28 May 1893 Stopping overnight en route from Saint Petersburg to London.


Tchaikovsky's conducting engagements in Berlin were as follows:

27 January/8 February 1888 A Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra concert which included the overture-fantasia Romeo and Juliet, the Piano Concerto No. 1 (soloist Aleksandr Ziloti), the Introduzione e fuga from his Suite No. 1, the Andante cantabile from his String Quartet No. 1, four songs (soloist Aline Friede), and the overture The Year 1812.
14/26 February 1889 Another Philharmonic Orchestra concert, featuring the Serenade for String Orchestra and Francesca da Rimini.


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