Bibliography (1999)

The following is a list of 139 notable books, articles and academic papers about Tchaikovsky which were published in the year 1999. Click on a title to display more information.

Contributor Title Format Language
Abyzova, Larisa Ivanovna (author) Императорский балет встал на место Article Russian
Acocella, Joan Ross, 1945- (author) Pathetique. Russian ballet in torment Article English
Amfiteatrova-Levitskaya, Aleksandra Nikolayevna, 1858-1947 (author) Alexandra Amfiteatrova-Levitskaya Article English
Anderson, Martin (author) Tchaikovsky reconsidered. Andrei Hoteev talks to Martin Anderson Article English
Bartlett, Rosamund (author) Tchaikovsky and Wagner. A reassessment Article English
Berberova, Nina Nikolayevna, 1902-1993 (author) Чайковский. Железная женщина Book Russian
Bertenson, Lev Bernardovich, 1850-1929 (author) [P. I. Tchaikovsky's Illness] Article English
Bertenson, Vasily Bernardovich, 1853-1933 (author) Vasily Bertenson Article English
Bessel, Vasily Vasilyevich, 1843-1907 (author) Vasily Bessel Article English
Block, Julius, 1858-1934 (author) Julius H. Block Article English
Braun, Lucinde, 1967- (author) Des "pezzo concertato" in Čajkovskijs opern Article German
Braun, Lucinde, 1967- (author) Studien zur russischen Oper in späten 19. Jahrhundert Book German
Broido, Yuly (author) Пробуждение Авроры Article Russian
Brown, Malcolm Hamrick, 1930- (author) Tchaikovsky and his music in Anglo-American criticism, 1890s-1950s Article English
Bukinik, Isaak Yevseyevich, 1867-1942 (author) Isaak Bukinik Article English
Bukinik, Mikhail Yevseyevich, 1872-1947 (author) Mikhail Bukinik Article English
Bullard, Truman Campbell, 1938- (author) Tchaikovsky's Eugene Onegin. Tatiana and Lensky, the third couple Article English
Cunningham, Thomas Thurston, 1968- (author) Terrible visions. The sublime image of Ivan the Terrible in Russian opera Dissertation English
Davydov, Yury Lvovich, 1876-1965 (author) Yury Davydov Article English
Deotto, Patrizia (author) Nina Berberova's biography of Tchaikovsky. The problem of the genre Article English
Dolskaya-Ackerly, Olga (author) Tchaikovsky's roots in the Russian choral tradition Article English
Door, Anton, 1833-1919 (author) Anton Door Article English
Drakeford, Richard, 1936-2009 (author) Tchaikovsky. Symphony No. 6 [book review] Article English
Druzhinina, E. (author) Премьера. Проснулась Спящая красавица Article Russian
Dumchev, Konstantin Mikhaylovich, 1879-1948 (author) Konstantin Dumchev Article English
Dürbach, Fanny, 1822-1901 (author) Fanny Dürbach Article English
Eggers, Susan B. (author) Culture and nationalism. Tchaikovsky's visions of Russia in The Oprichnik Article English
Fitingof-Shel, Boris Aleksandrovich, 1829-1901 (author) Boris Vietinghoff-Schell Article English
Freeman, John W, 1928- (author) It's in the cards. Life's a gamble Article English
Frolova-Walker, Marina, 1966- (author) Tchaikovsky and his world [book review] Article English
Genika, Rostislav Vladimirovich, 1859-1922 (author) Rostislav Genika Article English
Gerard, Vladimir Nikolayevich, 1839-1903 (author) Vladimir Gerard Article English
Glazunov, Aleksandr Konstantinovich, 1865-1936 (author) Alexander Glazunov Article English
Gojowy, Detlef, 1934-2008 (author) Buchbesprechungen Article German
Gosudarev, A. (author) Мир искусств. Десять лет спустя, или Время феерий Article Russian
Greenfield, Edward Harry, 1928-2015 (compiler)
Layton, Robert, 1930- (compiler)
March, Ivan, 1928-2018 (editor)
Tchaikovsky, Peter (1840-93) Article English
Grimm, W. E. (author) Tchaikovsky and his world [book review] Article English
Grum-Grzhimailo, Tamara Nikolayevna (author) Опричник. Он же кромешник Article Russian
Gurye, Mariya, 1853-1938 (author) Mariya Gurye Article English
Jackson, Timothy L, 1958- (author) Tchaikovsky. Symphony No. 6 (Pathetique) Book English
Jacobs, Laura A. (author) Tchaikovsky at the millennium Article English
Kantorov, A. (author) Чайковский опоздал на свою премьеру Article Russian
Kashkin, Nikolay Dmitriyevich, 1839-1920 (author) Nikolay Kashkin Article English
Kaufman, Abram Yevgenyevich, 1855-1921 (author) Abram Kaufman Article English
Kearney, Leslie (author) Truth vs. beauty. Comparative text settings by Musorgsky and Tchaikovsky Article English
Khomutov, Anatoly Vasilyevich (author) Пиковая дама А. С. Пушкина. Опера П. И. Чайковского и её либретто Book Russian
Klein, Herman, 1856-1934 (author) Herman Klein Article English
Klimenko, Ivan Aleksandrovich, 1841-1914 (author) Ivan Klimenko Article English
Koegler, Horst, 1927-2012 (author) Tchaikovsky The Queen of Spades Article English
Kohlhase, Thomas, 1941- (author) Čajkovskijs Opern auf Tonträgen Article German
Kohlhase, Thomas, 1941- (author) Čajkovskijs Tod. Kein Ende polemischer Kontroversen (Bespreschungen) Article German
Kohlhase, Thomas, 1941- (author) Neue Čajkovskij-CDs Article German
Kohlhase, Thomas, 1941- (author) Neue Čajkovskij-Funde Article German
Kohlhase, Thomas, 1941- (author) Tschaikowsky. Eine Biographie [book review] Article German
Kohlhase, Thomas, 1941- (editor)
Wille, Irmgard, 1935-2018 (translator)
Die Werkgeschichtlichen Einführungen der alten Čajkovskijs-Gesamtausgabe. Teil I Article German
Konstantin Konstantinovich, Grand Duke of Russia, 1858-1915 (author) Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich Article English
Korganov, Vasily Davidovich, 1865-1934 (author) Vasily Korgamov Article English
Kotykhov, V. (author) Озеро смерти и любви Article Russian
Kraus, Joseph Charles, 1955- (author) A Comparison of rhythmic structures in the instrumental music of Schumann and Tchaikovsky Article English
Krukones, James H, 1951- (author) Exploding the romantic myth. Ken Russell's The Music Lovers Article English
Kündinger, Rudolph, 1832-1913 (author) Rudolph Kündinger Article English
Kuzmina, Lyudmila Ivanovna (compiler) П. И. Чайковский и К. Р. Book Russian
Laroche, Herman, 1845-1904 (author) Herman Laroche Article English
Laroche, Herman, 1845-1904 (author) Herman Laroche Article English
Lazari, Konstantin de, 1838-1903 (author) Konstantin de Lazari Article English
Lipman, Samuel, 1934-1994 (author) Tchaikovsky. The love that dare not speak its name Article English
Litrov, Nazar Firsovich, d.1900 (author) Nazar Litrov Article English
Litvinov, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich, 1861-1933 (author) Alexander Litvinov Article English
Maslov, Fyodor Ivanovich, 1840-1915 (author) Fyodor Maslov Article English
Meck, Galina Nikolayevna von, 1891-1985 (author)
Nikitin, Boris Semyonovich (translator)
Как я их помню Book Russian
Melick, J. (author) Phantom lady. The figure of the Old Countess gives The Queen of Spades its mysterious edge Article English
Mihailovic, Alexandar (author) Tchaikovsky as our contemporary Article English
Mihailovic, Alexandar (editor) Tchaikovsky and his contemporaries. A centennial symposium Book English
Mikhaylov, Aleksandr, 1842-1899 (author) Alexander Mikhailov Article English
Morita, Minoru, 1932- (author) Eien no hakuchō no mizūmi. Chaikofusukī to barē ongaku (永遠の「白鳥の湖」: チャイコフスキーとバレエ音楽) Book Japanese
Morita, Minoru, 1932- (author) Sakkyokuka Chaikofusukii No. Nayami to sono Jidaisei (作曲家 チャイコフスキ の 悩み と その 時代性) Article Japanese
Morosan, Vladimir Petrovich, 1951- (author) A Stranger in a strange land. Tchaikovsky as a composer of church music Article English
Nápravník, Eduard, 1839-1916 (author) Eduard Napravnik Article English
Napravnik, Vladimir Eduardovich, 1869-1948 (author) Vladmir Napravnik Article English
Nelson, B, (author) But was my Eugene happy? Musical and dramatic tensions in Eugene Onegin Article English
Norris, Gerald, 1938- (author)
Arnold, Denis, 1926-1986 (editor)
Tchaikovsky, Piotr (Ilyich) Article English
Parakilas, James, 1949- (author) Musical historicism in The Queen of Spades Article English
Parin, Aleksey Vasilyevich, 1944- (author) Березки на фоне колонн Article Russian
Parin, Aleksey Vasilyevich, 1944- (author) Огонь вода и свет без пламени Article Russian
Parin, Aleksey Vasilyevich, 1944- (author) Страшная старуха, цветущая красавица, роковая карта Article Russian
Parin, Aleksey Vasilyevich, 1944- (author) Элегия на заснеженных пасторах вселенной Article Russian
Parsons, William H. (author) Tchaikovsky, the Tsars, and the Tsarist national anthem Article English
Plecker, Stephany Gould (author) The Image of the composer in Modest Tchaikovsky's play The Symphony Article English
Pogozhev, Vladimir Petrovich, 1851-1935 (author) Vladimir Pogozhev Article English
Poplavsky, Yuliyan Ignatyevich, 1871-1958 (author) Yulian Poplavsky Article English
Poznansky, Alexander, 1950- (author) The Tchaikovsky myths. A critical reassessment Article English
Poznansky, Alexander, 1950- (author)
Bird, Robert James Douglas, 1969- (translator)
Burr, Ralph C, 1960- (translator)
Tchaikovsky through others' eyes Book English
Raku, Marina Grigoryevna, 1958- (author) Пиковая дама братьев Чайковских. Опыт интертекстуального анализа Article Russian
Raych, Arkady (author) Arkady Raych Article English
Rolland, Romain, 1866-1944 (author) Romain Rolland Article English
Rubets, Aleksandr Ivanovich, 1838-1913 (author) Alexander Rubets Article English
Sabaneyev, Leonid Leonidovich, 1881-1968 (author) Leonid Sabaneyev Article English
Sapelnikov, Vasily Lvovich, 1868-1941 (author) Vasily Sapelnikov Article English
Severyanin, Igor Vasilyevich, 1887-1941 (author) Памяти П. И. Чайковского Article Russian
Severyanin, Igor Vasilyevich, 1887-1941 (author) Чайковский (Прослышанье потусторонних звуков) Article Russian
Skvirskaya, Tamara Zakirovna, 1965- (author) К переписке П. И. Чайковского с И. А. Всеволожским Article Russian
Sokolova, Aleksandra Ivanovna, 1836-1914 (author) Alexandra Sokolova Article English
Sokolova, Aleksandra Ivanovna, 1836-1914 (author) Alexandra Sokolova Article English
Spasskaya, Adelaida Lvovna, 1848- (author) Adelaida Spasskaya Article English
Stolyarova, G. (author) Премьера. Скромное обаяние антиквариата Article Russian
Stupnikov, Igor Vasilyevich (author) В театре встретят вас уланы Article Russian
Swartz, Anne, 1944- (author) The Intrigue of love and illusion in Tchaikovsky's The Oprichnik Article English
Tambovskaya, N. A. (author)
Zvereva, Svetlana Grigoriyevna (compiler)
Евгений Онегин и Орлеанская дева как трагический сверхцикл в творчестве Чайковского Article Russian
Taruskin, Richard, 1945- (author) Tchaikovsky. A new view. A centennial essay Article English
Tchaikovskaya, Antonina Ivanovna, 1848-1917 (author) Antonina Tchaikovskaya Article English
Tchaikovsky, Ippolit Ilyich, 1843-1927 (author) Ippolit Tchaikovsky Article English
Tchaikovsky, Modest Ilyich, 1850-1916 (author) P. I. Tchaikovsky's illness Article English
Tchaikovsky, Modest Ilyich, 1850-1916 (author) Modest Tchaikovsky Article English
Tchaikovsky, Modest Ilyich, 1850-1916 (author) Tchaikovsky and Anton Rubinstein Article English
Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich, 1840-1893 (author)
Poznansky, Alexander, 1950- (editor)
Autobiography Article English
Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich, 1840-1893 (author)
Poznansky, Alexander, 1950- (editor)
Tschaikowsky on music in America Article English
Teachout, Terry, 1956- (author) Tchaikovsky's passion Article English
Travsky, Vladimir (author) Vladimir Travsky Article English
Tsekhovskaya, Varvara Nikolayevna, 1872- (author) Varvara Tsekhovskaya Article English
Turchaninov, Ivan Nikolayevich, 1839-1910 (author) Ivan Turchaninov Article English
Vaidman, Polina Yefimovna, 1947-2016 (author) Биография художника. Жизнь и произведения. По материалам к биографий П. И. Чайковского Article Russian
Vaidman, Polina Yefimovna, 1947-2016 (author)
Zvereva, Svetlana Grigoriyevna (compiler)
Биография композитора как проблема отечественной музыкальной историографий (на примере биографий Чайковского) Article Russian
Varlamov, Konstantin Aleksandrovich, 1849-1915 (author) Konstantin Varlamov Article English
Yakovleva, Yuliya Yuryevna (author) Премьера. Мечта о Спящей красавице. Нужен ли театру спектакль столетней давности? Article Russian
Biographical issues in Tchaikovsky scholarship Article English
Čajkovskijs Homosexualität und sein Tod. Legenden und Wirklichkeit [book review] Article German
Interview with Dr Nikolai Mamonov Article English
Novosti dnia Article English
Peterburgskaia Gazeta Article English
Peterburgskaia zhizn' Article English
Tchaikovsky and his world [book review] Article English
Tchaikovsky in American and Russian musical education Article English
Tchaikovsky through others' eyes [book review] Article English
Tchaikovsky's ballets. Interpretation and performance Article English
V. A. Article English
Вокруг Чайковского Article Russian
Интересно знать. После бала Article Russian
Когда Спящая проснется Article Russian
Секрет Блока Article Russian