Friedrich Schiller

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Friedrich Schiller (1759-1805)

German poet, philosopher, historian, and playwright (b. 10 November 1759 [N.S.] at Marbach am Neckar; d. 9 May 1805 [N.S.] in Weimar), born Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller.

Tchaikovsky's Settings of Works by Schiller

Tchaikovsky's student cantata Ode to Joy (К радости) is a setting of a Russian translation of Schiller's poem An die Freude (1785).

The libretto for Tchaikovsky's opera The Maid of Orleans (1878-79) is largely based on Schiller's tragedy Die Jungfrau von Orleans (1801), in a Russian translation by Vasily Zhukovsky (1783–1852). The composer also consulted other sources, however, as he wrote that: "There's much that pleases me in Schiller, but I must admit I'm disturbed by his disdain for historical accuracy" [1].


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