Letter 3467a

Tchaikovsky Research
Date 10/22 January 1888
Addressed to Julius Laube
Where written Hamburg
Language German
Autograph Location unknown [1]
Publication Tchaikovsky Research Bulletin No. 1 (February 2011), p. 62 (extract only; with English translation)

Text and Translation

This incomplete text is based on the facsimile of the last of the the letter's three pages published in Stargardt's 1988 auction catalogue [2].

German text
English translation
By Luis Sundkvist
[...] Wollen wir hoffen, dass es so geschehen wird. Ich glaube dass für Die Direction des Zarskoe-Selo-Bahn es wäre doch ein grosses Glück wenn Sie und Ihr vortreffliches Orchester in Pawlovsk im künftigen sommer spielen könnten.

Mit grosser Hochachtung bin ich, Ihr ergebener,

Peter Tschaïkovsky

[...] Let us hope that this is how it will turn out. I think that for the management of the Tsarskoye Selo railway it would indeed be a great stroke of luck if you and your magnificent orchestra could play in Pavlovsk next summer.

With great respect I remain, your devoted,

Peter Tchaikovsky

Notes and References

  1. The autograph was auctioned on 6 March 1997 by Swann Auction Galleries, New York.
  2. Only minimal extracts in English translation were given in the catalogue description: Tchaikovsky thanks Laube "for your marvellous performance of my difficult work", and asks him to "conduct at Pavlovsk in the summer". See https://www.invaluable.com/auction-lot/tchaikovsky,-peter-ilich-199-p-vc65mfvazp