Song of Triumphant Love

Tchaikovsky Research

On 27 October/8 November 1883 Karl Tavaststjerna sent Tchaikovsky his poem entitled Song of Triumphant Love (Песнь торжествующей любви), suggesting that the composer might wish to set it to music. Tchaikovsky replied on 8/20 November that he was occupied with other compositions, but hoped it would be possible to carry out this request at some time in the future [1]

Tchaikovsky's Notebook for 1887 includes a 5-bar theme in G minor entitled Song of Triumphant Love (TH 227) [2]. However, this probably relates to Ivan Turgenev's short story of the same name, which his diary shows he was reading at the time [3], rather than Tavaststjerna's poem from four years earlier. Except for the title, no words are given in the sketches.

Notes and References

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