Yekaterina Assier

Yekaterina Assier (1778-1816)
From an original portrait hanging in the Klin House-Museum

Maternal grandmother of the composer (b. 8/19 October 1778 in Saint Petersburg; d. 5/17 September 1816), born Yekaterina Mikhaylovna Popova (Екатерина Михайловна Попова); known after her marriage as Yekaterina Mikhaylovna Assier (Екатерина Михайловна Ассиер).

Yekaterina was the second daughter of Mikhail Popov (1751–1792) and his wife Anna (b. Rykovskaya, ca.1752–ca.1783).

In 1800 she was married to Andrey Assier (1778–1835), and they had five children — Mikhail (b. 1802); Yekaterina (1805–1882); Nikolay (b. 1809); Andrey (b. 1811); and Aleksandra (1812–1854), mother of the composer.

Yekaterina Assier died in 1816, and was buried at Smolenskoye Cemetery in Saint Petersburg.