Anna Popova

Tchaikovsky Research

Maternal great-grandmother of the composer (b. ca. 1752 in Moscow; d. ca. 1823), born Anna Dmitriyevna Rykovskaya (Анна Дмитриевна Рыковская); known after her marriage as Anna Dmitriyevna Popova (Анна Дмитриевна Попова).

Anna was the only daughter of Dmitry Rykovsky (1721–1757) and his wife Yevfimiya (b. Iosifovich, 1727–?). On 1/12 June 1774, she married Mikhail Popov (1752–1792) at the Church of Saint Sergiev in Saint Petersburg, and they had five children: Varvara (b. 1776); Yekaterina (1778–1816), grandmother of the composer; Nikolay (1779–1869); Maria (b. 1783); and Sergey (1785–1851).