I Don't Know!

I Don't Know! (Не знаю!) (TH 198 ; ČW 320) [1], is a short vocal piece in the form of a tongue-twister, included in Tchaikovsky's Letter 4444 to Aleksandr Litke, 22 July/3 August 1891.

It was written for unaccompanied high voice, with the tempo marking 'Allegro agitato' (A minor, 8 bars) [2].

Notes and References

  1. Entitled "I Don't Know! Allow Us to Receive Letters from Bobik, Too!" in ČW.
  2. Published in facsimile in П. И. Чайковский. Полное собрание сочинений, том XVI-А (1978), p. 182; transcribed in Неизвестный Чайковский (2009), p. 203-204, and The Tchaikovsky papers. Unlocking the family archive (2018), p. 194.