Letter 2882a

Tchaikovsky Research
Date 6/18 February 1886
Addressed to Oscar Braun
Where written Maydanovo
Language French
Autograph Location unknown [1]
Publication Tschaikowsky-Gesellschaft Mitteilungen (2015), p. 106 (incomplete)

Text and Translation

This incomplete text is based on the excerpts in Stargardt's 1983 auction catalogue [2], which may contain differences in formatting and content from Tchaikovsky's original letter.

French text
English translation
By Brett Langston
[...] j'ai été enchanté d'obtenir de Vous ce délicieux vin chaud (quoique froid) que Vous avez eu la bonté de m'envoyer [...] En attendant que j'aie l'occasion de reiterer l'expression de ma gratitude de vive voix, veuillez agréer ce témoignage épistolaire de mes meilleurs sentiments [...] [...] I was delighted to receive the delicious mulled (albeit cold) wine that you kindly sent me [3] [...] Until I have the opportunity to reiterate the expression of my gratitude in person, I hope you will accept this epistolary expression of my best regards [...]

Notes and References

  1. The autograph was auctioned in November 1983 in Berlin by J. A. Stargardt.
  2. J. A. Stargardt, Autographen aus allen Gebieten. Katalog 630. Auktion am 29. und 30. November 1983 (Berlin, 1983), Lot 986.
  3. Oscar Braun was a representative of the German wine manufacturing firm Emil Zündel, who wrote to Tchaikovsky on 29 January/10 February 1886: "I am sending you via Jurgenson some bottles of mulled wine that you were pleased to enjoy last year at [Fitzenhagen]]'s. Please excuse the terrible delay that could even make a white wine blush ...".