Pavel Pchelnikov

Tchaikovsky Research

Russian state councillor (b. 4/16 October 1851; d. 30 April/13 May 1913), born Pavel Mikhaylovich Pchelnikov (Павел Михайлович Пчельников).

Pchelnikov was the manager of the the Imperial Theatres in Moscow (1882–1898), later a censor of plays in private theatres (1901–1905). Tchaikovsky became acquainted with him in 1883, in connection with the staging of Mazepa at the Bolshoi Theatre in 1884

Correspondence with Tchaikovsky

27 letters from Tchaikovsky to Pavel Pchelnikov have survived, dating from 1884 to 1893, all of which have been translated into English on this website:

8 letters from Pchelnikov to Tchaikovsky, dating from 1884 to 1892, are preserved in the Klin House-Museum Archive.