Anna Aleksandrova-Levenson

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Anna Aleksandrova-Levenson (1856–1930)

Russian pianist and teacher (b. 1856; d. 27 December 1930 in Tomsk), born Aleksandra Yakovlevna Levenson (Александра Яковлевна Левенсон); known after marriage as Anna Yakovlevna Aleksandrova-Levenson (Анна Яковлевна Александрова-Левенсон).

Anna graduated in 1878 from the Moscow Conservatory, where she was a student in Tchaikovsky's harmony and instrumentation classes, and studied piano under Karl Klindworth. She taught in educational institutions in Moscow, but remained in contact with Tchaikovsky, who recommended her as a music teacher to his friend Nikolay Kondratyev on his estate at Nizy. Anna married Nikolay Aleksandrovich Aleksandrov (1858–1936), a chemistry teacher at the German School in Moscow, who was later appointed a professor of pharmacology at Tomsk University. Their son Anatoly Nikolayevich Aleksandrov (1888–1982) later became a famous composer and edited Tchaikovsky's string quartets in volume 31 of Tchaikovsky's Complete Collected Works (1955).

Correspondence with Tchaikovsky

33 letters from Tchaikovsky to Anna Aleksandrova-Levenson have survived, dating from 1877 to 1893, of which those highlighted in bold have been translated into English on this website.

55 letters from Anna Aleksandrova-Levenson to the composer, dating from 1880 to 1893, are preserved in the Tchaikovsky State Memorial Musical Museum-Reserve at Klin (a4, Nos. 2046–2100).